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Trade Sharing

The trade sharing module allows users to share their trades with friends, students, and others. A token key is used to allow sharing to occur securely. This can be used as a community conversation or an educational trading platform.

Social Sharing

Trade with Your Friends

Each user can select who they want to allow to view their trades, and whether it is just one trade or their whole account. By handing out a revocable digital key, you can hand your friend the ability to view your trades and follow along with ease.

An Industry First

Trade Staging

iVestPlus is proud to offer an industry first for educators: Trade Staging. Help your students understand a trade and find what they want and then deliver the complex option strategy straight to their desktop or mobile app so they can choose to execute it. This works across brokers, so you don't have to have your accounts at the same place to make this work.

A Complete Social Trading Ecosystem

The iVestPlus platform was built with social trading in mind. We allow customers to share their trades openly or just with specific friends via a secure key. The benefits for educators are limitless.

Customizable Profile

We give you the tools you need to create a profile that shows who you are. You even get to upload an icon for yourself so followers can visually see recognize your trades.

Educator Sharing

Give your customers confidence in your system by letting them analyze the setups for the trades that you take. They can not only see the trade, but they can see where it started on a chart.


Our Trade Sharing module allows you to decide who to share with, when to share with them, and which trades or portfolio you want them to see. You can take away the sharing with a click.

Staging Alerts

When you set up a trade for someone else and send it to their system as a staged trade to consider, they will receive an alert that let's them know so you don't have to.

White Label Solutions

Full White Label Solutions

We built iVestPlus with business in mind, not just stocks and options. Whether you are a broker, educator, or someone looking to start a trading business, we can customize a solution for you to create the product you need and give you the tools to manage the business how you want.


Make the Platform Yours

We can create a version of the product that includes your logos, colors, social media links and more, right down to the privacy agreements. We even have marketing materials and videos that can show your brand.

Choose Your Own Product

Pick Your Modules

Not everyone needs the same tools. Choose from our options, charting, journal, research, scanning, sharing, and backtesting modules. You can even pick your default scans for your customers from over 2000 data points.

Contact Our Enterprise Team

We Are Here For You

Our business and technology teams can work to keep your upfront costs extremely low and get the product launched in very little time so you can start building recurring revenue. We have launched new partners in less than 3 days!


We have turnkey solutions to get you up and running with back end billing systems quickly and everything is already integrated with our modules. All of the charges will show under your business name.


If you have one of many industry-standard CRMs, we can connect it to the platform so your sales, support, and billing teams can continue to operate the way they already do. No need to have two backends.

Broker Options

We connect to many of the biggest names in the industry so your customers can trade with who they want, and we are always adding more. You can choose which brokers you allow for your customer base.

And Much More...

Our sales team can talk to you about private authorization systems, setup and installation, custom education links, platform customization, adding your own plug-ins, API consulting, and more.

Contact Our Enterprise Team

Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program

Want a simple solution to create revenue and give your customers a better investing solution? Resell the iVestPlus platform and start making money today. Providing turnkey solutions, we can even give you your own home page.

Launch Tomorrow

A Login Page and Go

If you just want to resell the main iVestPlus package to your customers, we can get you set up in a matter of hours. Put your own logo and basic branding on a home page and start directing your customers to it.

Contact Our Affiliate Team

We Do Everything

No need to create a business or anything beyond a basic login page that is set up for you and your company.

Your Platform

You can have an out of the box solution with the tools most traders desire in no time.

Your Logo

Put your logo on the page and start telling people what they get with iVestPlus.

Easy Roll Out

We can get you a page within 24 hours and let you start teaching your customers.

Credit Card Processing

We even handle your basic billing and reporting needs so you can just focus on trading.

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Built on the Latest Technology

The iVestPlus platform and all of its apps are built on the latest technology, including progressive web apps, HTML5, CSS, Javascript, iPhone, iPad, and Android. We have built our core technology in a way that deploying updates to all of our front-end applications uniformly is simple. You won’t find a feature in one version and not another.

Next Gen Architecture

Progressive Web App

A Progressive Web App is a new software development methodology that combines regular web site development with a native application, giving it the speed of a deep desktop application through a browser.

The Speed of Today...and Tomorrow

Modern Technology Done Right

By combining the latest cloud, web, and native app technologies, iVestPlus is fast and responsive today and ready to adapt to tomorrow's needs.

Built for the Future

Our platform combines the latest in cloud computing, adaptive web technology, and standardized industry programming languages for a smooth, portable experience that is modular.

Web-Based Tech

We use a combination of HTTP/2, HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript to deliver a robust, modern experience.

Advanced Caching

Progressive web technology uses smart caching on your system for smart access. This increases platform speed.

Responsive and Adaptive

All versions of the platform respond to sizing and screen rotation to provide the user with an ideal experience.

Cloud Based

We use AWS for storage and processing, ensuring fast data delivery and security along with near perfect uptimes.


Adaptive. Responsive. Anywhere.

The iVestPlus platform works on most browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Brave, Safari, and Edge in addition to having downloadable Windows and Mac versions. We also offer native apps for iPhone, Android, and iPad/tablet devices. Our mobile apps are designed to mimic the features of the desktop and browser platforms with less screen space.

Next Gen Trading Technology

Built with the Future in Mind

We built the iVestPlus platform in a way that feature upgrades and product deployment can work uniformly across all platform types, including desktop, web, and mobile. The platform is built to grow in the years ahead no matter what direction technology turns. Desktop apps use auto-updating technology to keep you on the newest version.

One Login for a Unified Experience

Each user has their own unique secure login which can be used in any environment with our array of native apps.


iVestPlus works in most current generation web browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, and Brave.


iVestPlus offers downloadable versions for both Windows and Mac laptops and computers. These are native downloads.


Native versions of the application can be found on iPhone and Android. These are fully adaptive to all phone sizes.


If all of that wasn't enough, iVestPlus even offers native tablet applications for both iPad and Android tablets.


Fundamental Research Revisited

The research module starts with a heat map and allows you to drill down into earnings, financials, and insider trader quickly. Everything is cross-tabulated so you can sort by the research or by the stock and industry. Speed is everything, and with our progressive web-app approach, it makes the browser perform faster than traditional websites.

Research Made Easy

Finding Opportunity

Finding the right opportunity is the key. The platform offers advanced screeners by combining various points of market data, which users can use to scan the market or do fundamental research before placing a trade. Your version of the platform can offer pre-built or customized trade finder scans.

Information at Your Fingertips

Fast, Easy, Highly Visual

Designed with simplicity and speed in mind, we deliver information only when you need it. Start with a visual overview of our scanners and then drill down to the level of detail you want.

Intelligent Research

Using our dashboards, you can learn more about the company you want fast. With proprietary rankings, you will see a well-rounded view of charts, Insider and Institutional trading, valuations, and fundamentals.  It’s all here – organized intelligently.


Our research tools show historical and projected forward earnings numbers for over 20,000 companies.


Get an overall look at the company through key ratios and valuations, including tables and comparison charts.

Money Flows

View how money goes in and out of various stocks through deep balance sheets, cash versus income statements, and more.

Insiders and Institutions

See what funds are investing in a stock, which are selling it, and how insiders are trading their own shares.



Our backtesting module shows you a day by day view of how your trade would have played out. In addition, you can compare up to three trades to see what would have worked better. We offer 15 years of stock and options data for backtesting.

Visual Backtesting

Put It On the Chart

iVestPlus was designed with backtesting in mind. You can run backtests and display them on charts so you can see when and how they would have played out and visually view the entries and exits.

Scan Lookback

Get Confident

Build a quicker understanding of the various strategies and learn how they would work over time. Our scans are designed to make you profitable, but our backtesting helps you see how.

Backtesting Solutions for All Your Trading Needs

The iVestPlus platform was designed to help all traders backtest various strategies. Whether you are looking at all trade types or honing in on a specific strategy, we give you the visual and statistical tools to know how trades would have worked.

As Easy As 1, 2, 3

Backtesting is as easy as picking a start date, a strategy, and an analyze date to see how the trade would be working.

Post Trade Analysis

Even after you complete a trade, you can backtest it to see how it performed day-by-day and learn how you could have done better.

Risk Analysis

Bactesting includes all of the calculations in one place: Risk/reward, breakeven, gains, and even net Greeks.

Freeform Testing

Pick any combination of option legs and analyze how they would play out in a customizable trading strategy.

Options Analytics

Advanced Options Analytics

The iVestPlus Options module is built to keep traders focused on the strategy that they are using. With over 20 options strategies to choose from, our templates allow you to move your strike prices vertically with simple clicks that expose the risk charts for the trade. You can also make custom multi-leg strategies of your own.

Everything is Clickable

Trade from the Chain

With iVestPlus options analytics, you can trade straight from the options chain or place a traditional order ticket.

Every Strategy Ready to Go

More Than 20 Options Strategy Templates

Our template builder allows you to pick from more than 20 options strategies and find the trade you want. Choose from bull and bear call spreads to strangles to butterflies and condors and more.

An Options Tool for Everyone

Whether you just want to buy a call or put and see it on your chart or you want to dig into deep, complex options strategy, the iVestPlus options module keeps you focused on what you are looking for while offering levels of information.


Our templates explain to you what each options strategy is designed to do and show you the risk and reward potential both visually and numerically.

Ease of Use

We built our user interface with simplicity in mind. You can vertically adjust strike prices with a single click or change expiration months on the fly.

Stay Locked in a Strategy

If you are looking at a specific strategy, the template doesn't allow you to stray outside of the legs of that strategy so you don't end up with an incorrect trade.


Unlike most platforms, you can easily backtest a system or trade going back years using end of day pricing data. See everything on a chart as it would have played out.