Trade Sharing

The trade sharing module allows users to share their trades with friends, students, and others. A token key is used to allow sharing to occur securely. This can be used as a community conversation or an educational trading platform.

Trade with Your Friends

Each user can select who they want to allow to view their trades, and whether it is just one trade or their whole account. By handing out a revocable digital key, you can hand your friend the ability to view your trades and follow along with ease.

Trade Staging

iVest+ is proud to offer an industry first for educators: Trade Staging. Help your students understand a trade and find what they want and then deliver the complex option strategy straight to their desktop or mobile app so they can choose to execute it. This works across brokers, so you don't have to have your accounts at the same place.

Profiles and Security

We give you the tools you need to create a profile that shows who you are. You even get to upload an icon for yourself so followers can visually see recognize your trades. Our Trade Sharing module allows you to decide who to share with, when to share with them, and which trades or portfolio you want them to see. You can take away the sharing with a click.

A Complete Social Trading Ecosystem

The iVest+ platform was built with social trading in mind. We allow customers to share their trades openly or just with specific friends via a secure key. The benefits for educators are limitless.

Your Broker.Your Choice.

Broker Integration

There is a good chance that you or your customers already have an account that connects to our product. We have integrated with the top names in the industry through various brokerage APIs. Getting started is simple, and if you don’t already have an account with one of these brokerages, you can typically open one in a day.