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Easy to Use, Highly Visual

Designed with simplicity and speed in mind, we deliver information only when you need it. Starting with an visual overview of the Invest4 rankings with the ability to drill down to he level of detail you want.

Intelligent Research

Using our dashboards, you understand more about the company faster. With proprietary rankings, you will see a well-rounded view of charts, Insider and Institutional , valuation, and fundamentals.  It’s all here – organized intelligently!

Finding Opportunity

Finding the right opportunity is the key.  iVest+ offers advanced screeners by combining many aspect market data. It’s comprehensive, unique, and multi-perspective research.  Search on!

The Invest4 Score!

With the Invest4 method of scoring stocks, you see a high level view of the stock right in the watch list.

Inner Circle


Finding Opportunity

  • Idea Generators

    iVest+ uses multiple data sources and intelligent calculations to find diverse ideas for the market.  You can now find companies with algorithms based on fundamental data, institutional interest, earring potentials and chart patterns – all within one scan.

  • Apply Strategies

    Take the idea to the next level with advanced strategy screeners. Is the market positioned for straddle or condor before the earning? What are the covered call candidates and entry points?  Strategy screeners take the guessing out of the trade.

  • Pinpoint Unique Stock Conditions

    Scan for unique stock conditions and take advantage of the market.  Unusual volatility spikes, exceptional buying or selling pressure, abnormal option actives and patterns in institutional and insider activities can generate many trading opportunities.

  • Save and Follow

    Bookmark your favorite scans, insiders, or institutions so they are always available. You can also follow what are the current most popular ones to be your quick resource center.

Options? Of Course!

Extensive options functionality. Powerfully designed to be simple to use and full featured.

Option Chain
P/L Graphs
Trade Compare
Options Back Tester
Strategy Templates

Unique Chain Views

Profit Loss Graphs with Trade Compare

Over 20 Strategy Templates

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  • Trading Simplified

    With iVest+ you get a fast easy to understand view of the market

  • Everything in One Easy View

    The Dashboard: Technical Analysis, Insider and Institutional Activity, Valuation, Projected Price, Fundamental Analysis. Deciding your action has never been easier.

  • Beautiful Charting

    Simple, comprehensive charts. Customizable indicators. Multiple profiles.