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Here's a lengthy interview about the #markets and trading technology with our CEO Rance Masheck on School for Startups with @entrepreneurjim: iVestPlus photo
Read our CEO Rance Masheck's thoughts on the big #Ethereum merger on S&P Marketwatch:
Read our CEO Rance Masheck's views on the Commoditization of #cryptocurrencies in his latest article: iVestPlus photo
Watch our CEO Rance Masheck talk about #trading platforms as a panelist for the Tradier Options Summit in partnership with CBOE:
Our CEO Rance Masheck shares his thoughts with Kiplinger about Coinbase and the crypto situation: iVestPlus photo
Our CEO Rance Masheck is quoted today on Marketwatch discussing #bitcoin and #crypto:
Pleased to announce that we now offer crypto data on over 200 coins, including for MarketGear: #cryptocurrency iVestPlus photo
Our CEO Rance Masheck's thoughts on #crypto and #Ukraine can be found in this new article on UK Today:
More comments today on from our CEO Rance Masheck about the situation in Ukraine and how crypto will be involved: iVestPlus photo
The financial situation regarding Russia is fluid. Our CEO continues to explain it: iVestPlus photo
Our CEO Rance Masheck's comments are included in a new article by Tech Telegraph: iVestPlus photo
With Market Gear, you can customize your homepage and view only what matters most to you. Our platform makes #trading simple: iVestPlus photo
Happy holidays to you and yours! We wish you a safe, healthy, and joyous holiday season. iVestPlus photo
Has the #crypto market reached maturation? In this @ForbesFinanceCl post, iVest+ CEO Rance Masheck explores how #crypto's maturation compares to the likes of forex, futures, and CFDs:
Connect your Market Gear account to your favorite broker and get started trading today: iVestPlus photo
#DYK iVest+ offers a full white label solution?

From branding to full module customization, our white label solution was designed with business in mind:
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Market Gear's sharing module takes the best part of #SocialMedia – connecting with and learning from your friends – and brings it into #trading.

Learn how to get started:
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📢 Limited Time Offer: Unlock access to Market Gear with a 14-day free trial and a locked-in rate of only $50 a month for the first three months.

Get started today:
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Market Gear's Stock Screener Module was designed to help #traders narrow search criteria and find the right stock and #options plays: iVestPlus photo
Our #charting module offers more than 100 totally customizable indicators for #stocks and #OptionsTrading on multiple timeframes. Learn how you can visualize your positions and adjust your trades directly: iVestPlus photo
We're partnering with @goTRADEway to help individual #investors learn to become their own entrepreneurs in the #StockMarket.

Learn how our platform meets the unique needs of traders and educators:
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Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours! We're thankful for our awesome community of #traders and #educators. iVestPlus photo
The iVest+ native mobile apps include all of our browser and desktop features to make trading on the go effortless. Start trading with iVest+: iVestPlus photo
Already trading? Take advantage of all the features you've been missing and connect your existing brokerage account to Market Gear today. iVestPlus photo
We've been busy at work ... and we're excited to announce Market Gear, our retail trading platform, now connects with @Tradier – an online platform designed for active, self-directed traders.

Learn more about our newest integration:
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Market Gear's advanced stock screener comes loaded with hundreds of data points to help you identify the best stock and #options plays. Explore the industry-leading #StockScreener with our 14-day free trial: iVestPlus photo
The iVest+ #Options Module enables you to:
- Buy a simple call or put
- See it on your chart
- Dig into complex options strategies
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A key part of #trading success is learning from your mistakes. With our backtesting module, you can visualize all trade types or select a specific strategy to learn what you could've done differently: iVestPlus photo
The #ZeroCommission trading revolution wasn't what the trading world needed. Our CEO Rance Masheck outlines how, instead, a #technology revolution would give #traders the tools and information they need to succeed.
Is market #volatility here to stay, or will the ease of #COVID19 restrictions bring stability back to the market?

Between extra cash in people pockets & increased interest in #MemeStocks & #crypto, amateur investors continue to stir the market:
Trading doesn't have to be a solo venture. Market Gear's Sharing Module enables you to share your trades with your friends and visually analyze each others results: iVestPlus photo
Market Gear connects your account to your favorite broker. Learn more about our #broker integration and get started trading in no time: iVestPlus photo
Our recent data on Lululemon ($LULU), such as increased put volume, suggests a significant shift in #options trader sentiment following today’s triple expiration. iVestPlus photo
Finding the right opportunity to use the #IronCondor is 🔑, and our team has the run down on this strategy for you:
With post trade and risk analysis features, our backtesting module is designed to help you hone your #options strategies and sharpen your skills. iVestPlus photo
Market Gear's fully customizable charting module comes with more than 100 indicators, positions, and back-testing capabilities. Keeping track of your trades has never been easier: iVestPlus photo
#FOMO is real and so is market volatility. Meme stocks have turned the world of #OptionsTrading upside down, and now's the time to fine tune your strategies and keep your sights set on volatility.
#DYK our stocks and options trading platform Market Gear is the exclusive provider of @Benzinga Squawk on the go? iVestPlus photo
The Market Gear team joins Chris Uhl of @10minutetrading to give a rundown on all things #IronCondor — tune in to the episode below to learn how and when to use it:
The iVest+ options modules comes loaded with advanced analytics, strategy templates, and an easy-to-use interface. Are you ready to trade?
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Trading on the go? Market Gear is a mobile-friendly trading platform with apps for iPhone, Android, iPad, and Android tablets.

#options #stocks
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